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Toms Irrigation is a leading Irrigation Company and specializes in the installation and maintenance of all recognized automated irrigation systems.


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High moral character and professional excellence is critical to our success. We follow a design process and approach all installations with the necessary professionalism.
Water is a dwindling resource and every drop counts. Water conservation and waterwise irrigation is the solution.
Work with a professional irrigation contractor who is knowledgeable when designing a system tailored to meet your individual needs.
Familiar with the latest Irrigation Technology to help a Customer make informed choices.
We will design a cost-effective system comprising of quality products and unparalleled after-sale service. We will also install an irrigation system guaranteed ease of use, to suit your individual watering schedule.



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Cobus Meintjes
Professional Contractor

Toms Irrigation was established in 1996 by Thomas Langley. He retired in 2014 and Cobus Meintjes took charge of the reigns ever since.

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“ I have been using Tom’s Irrigation since 2009 after a referral by a landscaping company . While the company has undergone some changes since with  the retirement of Tom – the company finds its self in good hands under the ownership of Cobus Meintjes and his very competent team . We have recently had to call on the expertise of Cobus as we have moved from a 1000m2 suburban property to a small holding of 5 Acres (20000m2) and the irrigation was a mess (destroyed actually). No point in having spent a lot of time , money and effort to create a garden without good irrigation  Given that we have a very strong borehole Cobus and his team were able to sort out a superb  irrigation solution . For me a water wise and efficient system was always a priority and with a very short time we have exactly that. Cobus is a hands on person and together with his team they are dependable ,  courteous , friendly and most importantly highly efficient at getting their job done. Cobus is extremely knowledgeable and practical advice is freely offered  and always with a smile. ”

- Brian Baartman

Tom’s Irrigation installed my irrigation system about 6 years ago.  They have since then overseen 2 extensions and upgrades, improved my borehole usage  and annually completed a service and sprinkler optimisation. They have always conducted themselves in a professional and businesslike manner and treated my garden with respect, are always on time and complete maintenance and repairs timeously. My two sons, on my recommendation, have also had their irrigation systems installed by Tom’s irrigation and are extremely satisfied.

- Martin Meyers, Strathavon